Welcome to Frugal Wench!

Welcome to Frugal Wench. My sister Audrey and I have played with the idea of creating a blog for some time. We both love fashion- somewhat proven by our countless shopping trips, following of other fashion and lifestyle blogs, and subscriptions to Vogue magazine. We both love photography- if only shown through our personal instagram accounts. And we both ~like~ to write. But starting a blog seemed like a big undertaking. While we were both born Virgos, the possession of enough self discipline to not only create something, but maintain it, has come in shorter supply than our sun signs predicted for us. However, with the recent excess amount of time we’ve spent at home, we have been staring into our closets and down at our phones. With both internal and external inspiration, we decided that now is the time. 
Frugal Wench is a diary of our favorite outfits and our shopping habits. It’s an anthology of the things we love about fashion and our successes in that realm. To explain the name, we’re broke. But we don’t let that stop us from at least trying to look good! We are seasoned thrifters and bargain hunters with shopping skills passed down generations from our grandmother, an og frugal wench. Although we prophesized a designer wardrobe in our future, for now we revel in vintage resale finds and one of a kind pieces that we can mix with our retail buys. 
There are benefits to this fashion lifestyle. One of the most important being a sense of uniqueness. Depending on what you find, a purchase from a thrift store could be something you will never see again. Say goodbye to “who wore it best”. Plus, lets not forget about the sustainability factor – down with fast fashion! It also supports our tendency towards a maximalist ideology. We get the benefits of a capsule wardrobe, but the problem is, we like too many things. We clean out my closets every summer and a lot goes back to Goodwill (it’s a symbiotic relationship). But there is so much joy in refilling it with things we truly love. When on a budget, one must be choosy when it comes to what to buy, which we think makes my wardrobe a metaphorical maximized capsule – a lot of the good stuff. When we are only interested in buying pieces that we love, whether it means investing in something high quality that will last or finding a resale deal, we find it often pays to be a frugal wench. 
Erin & Audrey