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Audrey and I draw a lot of style inspiration from our favorite characters in books, movies, and TV shows, but there are a few we have actually been able to emulate. Here is a list of our favorite things and how we bought things to match.

1. Confessions of a Shopaholic 

This is my favorite book. First of all, it’s all about shopping (relatable). Secondly, it is one of the only books that throughout the entire series, has made me laugh OUT LOUD while reading it. And I’ve read it a few times through. In the first book, when confronted with the option to make more money or spend less, Becky chooses the former and gets a job at an Ally Smith retail store. On her first day she spies the last pair of zebra print jeans in her size on the reduced rack, marked 50 percent off. In the dressing room, she lies to a customer trying them on and hides them for herself. Here’s the quote of when the customer and Becky’s new and serious boss Danielle catch her in the act. 
“‘Wait a minute!’ says the girl sharply. ‘What’s that?’ I follow her gaze and freeze. The zebra print jeans have rolled out from under the curtain. For a moment we all stare at them.”
She’s fired that day. 
I literally will never forget this scene or her hilarious desperation for a pair of pants she really really wants. So when I was in Nordstrom Rack and came across a pair of zebra print jeans this is immediately what came to mind. So naturally, I bought them. On clearance too. 

1a. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

In the second book of the series, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, Becky buys a pair of lilac sandals with a tiny little blackberry by the toe. She justifies the purchase as a NEED and the high price acceptable because “everyone knows you should never skimp on shoes, because you’ll hurt your feet.” At the register the clerk tells her about the new pair that just came in. The same sandal but it in creamy orange with a clementine instead of a blackberry. She buys both.  
I recently bought a pair of Katy Perry jelly sandals with a watermelon on the toe and of course I thought of my fellow Shopaholic again. I know that the shoes aren’t remotely similar, color, fruit and heel wise (hers were strappy stilettos) but a fruity toed sandal only has one reference.
I’ve paired my watermelon sandals with denim shorts, a pink floral mesh top and a loose knit sweater. With my zebra print jeans, I’m wearing a light citrus colored tank top from Urban outfitters and yellow sandals with floral accents for two outfits inspired by the girl in the green scarf herself, Rebecca Brandon nee Bloomwood. Love you, girl. 

2. Nancy Drew

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remind everyone of our fabulous #PLFM (penny loafer fashion moment). We have always been influenced by traditional preppy style in some way or another, but penny loafers are the iconic statement piece of the preppy fashion movement. One of our favorite movies, Nancy Drew (and also book series, duh) features a revival of the classic shoe, not only sported by our favorite girl detective, but also her new Hollywood friends. 
Here’s an entire outfit inspired by the series including our favorite shoes in our own version of The Hidden Staircase. I’m wearing a pair of dark Levi’s 501s, a brown silk top purchased from a thrift store, my G.H. Bass loafers, a headband, and of course a pearl necklace. It just seemed right. 

3. Wild Child

If you know Audrey well, you know that she has dubbed three legendary movies as the Holy Trinity of adolescent girl dreams. At the top of the pyramid, in the throne of honor, is Wild Child. In Wild Child, the delinquent main character Poppy, played by Emma Roberts, is sent to boarding school in England as punishment (?) and finds herself, a group of best friends and a super hot new boyfriend (Alex Pettyfer). On their first date, Poppy wears a white blouse with bow straps paired with jeans and flats for their picture perfect jaunt across the English countryside. Audrey found a similar shirt, complete with big bow ties, and is now just looking for the perfect hot date. Respond with takers please. 
Like Poppy, she paired the shirt with a pair of men’s Levi’s 501s and ballet flats. Talk about a perfect match. 
As another, albeit less fashionable, nod to our favorite movie, Audrey created these shirts with Alex Pettyfer’s face on it. Please enjoy one of our favorite looks. 

4. Sex and The City 

After rewatching Sex and the City for who knows what time, I realized a couple new things about the show. One, that I actually love Miranda. Two, if I don’t copy most of their outfits, what am I doing? This second realization isn’t new, just something that resurfaces after each binge of this iconic series. In Season 1 Episode 6, “Secret Sex,” Carrie walks down the street arm in arm with Big wearing pinstripe pants, a sweater, coat, and new balance tennis shoes. I recently found the perfect pair of Theory pinstripe trousers at a thrift store and I am psyched about replicating this look. Because it’s still  summer weather, I won’t be styling my pair the same way, but the tennis shoes and casual top were a must for my inspired vision.
Here, I’ve styled the pants with a pink thrifted t-shirt and my high-top white vans to emulate Carrie and her iconic style with my own flare. But I’ll remember her version of this outfit to wear later this fall.

5. Aquamarine

First of all, amazing movie and also in Audrey’s Holy Trinity. There are a ton of iconic looks in this masterpiece that deserve recognition but the one we have that fits the bill is what Aqua wears after their fun trip to the mall. Say “HELLOOOOOO” to the gradient blue tank top Audrey found on Depop. Paired with a white skirt and espadrilles, the outfit isn’t an exact replica but a reminiscence. Audrey also wears a pair of handmade clay star earrings I found in Capri that are our own version of Aqua’s suck-up star fish accessories. BRB, wearing this outfit until I find my own Raymond.

How We Thrift!

Top: thrifted Shorts: Captains helm Sandals: Madewell
Thrifting is a mix of things, dedication and luck. My friends often get frustrated when my only answer to “Where did you get that?!” is, “A thrift store!” and I totally get it. When I hear that response from someone that I ask, I know it’s nearly impossible to get myself because this person bought the only one in existence. But that’s the beauty of thrifting- a sense of individuality. A lot of my thrifting could be attributed to luck and the abundance of options in my size, but I have also been thrifting regularly since 5th grade. Which leads us to some helpful strategies we’ve adopted to make us better thrifters: 
1.You can’t expect to walk into a thrift store and find exactly what you’re looking for, like a perfect pair of vintage jeans. But don’t be discouraged either, that of course could happen but when it doesn’t, don’t give up! We often keep a running list of styles or ideal pieces we are looking for in the back of our minds (or written down if you’re organized like that). That way, every time you go to a thrift store, you might not find the ONE thing, but you could find something on your list, and you won’t forget what to look for next time. 
2. The secret is fabric. Things often jump out to me based on the quality, color and pattern of the fabric. I find this strategy is most effective when looking through tops, but it applies to all sections of the store as well. When I walk into a thrift store, I head straight to the tops. Tops, I find, are the easiest to go through because sizes are the most liberal and I go through every single one at lightning speed. My arm is literally sore by the end, that’s how fast I go. Same thing goes for denim and other bottoms. 
2a. If you can try things on, pull anything and everything you think might work. Sometimes magic happens when a piece comes off the rack and onto your body. And if it’s the opposite, at least now you know. 
3. If you end up trying something on that you absolutely love but doesn’t fit right, consider tailoring! I have had several pieces adjusted by our favorite local tailor and it was totally worth it. The main thing to consider before frequently opting for tailoring is budget. It’s not always inexpensive to tailor something so consider how much the item costs plus how much the tailoring will be to decide if the item would be worth that price if it fit perfectly. 
4. Bring your metaphorical magnifying glass to check for stains! This may seem obvious but some stains are not always visible when you’re looking on the rack. Pull everything out and change up the lighting to make sure there aren’t any permanent damages to the item like stains but also holes. 
5. Another important tip is to check tags for the care instructions. If you’re low maintenance and don’t like to dry clean anything, that could help you decide if the piece is right for you. If there’s one thing we’re serious about it’s following the care instructions. It definitely adds to the lifetime of a piece, especially something that is pre-owned! 
If you post if any of your thrifted finds, tag #frugalwench to show us what you’ve found! 
Happy thrifting.