The Long Game


– The Waiting Game That is Shopping Like a Frugal Wench –

The green cargo pants I spent so long searching for…
To shop like a frugal wench, one must channel the patience of a fashion saint. There are plenty of things to wait for as a shopper, especially if, like us, you’re picky. As a not-so-patient person, this has been a skill slowly cultivated. 
For one thing, when you’re on a budget, you wait for the right price. Either you are waiting for a to-die-for piece to go one sale or you’re looking for a suitable alternative to fill the gap of something you love but is too expensive. That, or you’re waiting to become rich. I’m always waiting for that one but until then, we’re shopping the sale
As avid thrifters, we have truly learned the virtue of patience. It’s true we have had great luck when it comes to finding fab pieces, but as many times as we have found something we like, we have left empty handed. To be a good thrifter, you have to learn that entering a thrift store is like playing Russian Roulette. One man’s trash is not always another man’s treasure… More likely not on an average day. BUT, the thrill of finding something good for so cheap, makes the endurance game that is thrifting worthwhile. 
The hardest thing to wait for is the piece that you have completely envisioned in your head but can’t seem to find ANYWHERE. After hours of google searches and several trips to your favorite thrift stores with no luck, there’s not much to do but wait. Wait for the trend to come into style, wait for someone to donate it, or wait until you become a seamstress. A few years ago, I spent months looking for the perfect pair of green cargo pants to channel my inner Kim Possible. Eventually I found them in the men’s section of Gap Outlet. 
Of course we’re not always waiting. A lot of buys are completely serendipitous. But when you shop like we do, it’s good to think of shopping as a long game. 

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