Outdoors in Quarantine

We posted on Instagram a few months ago talking about how being stuck at home during quarantine inspired us to actually start our blog, but it also gave us time to take a meaningful look at our closets. From that go-through, we planned some really great stuff. What we didn’t plan on, was still being stuck inside months later!! With summer breezing by, we, like so many other people, have taken to distanced outdoor activities as the only option to show off and put on our good outfits. We picnicked at a local park, we picnicked at a park farther away, we’ve dressed up to go shopping and we’ve donned outfits only to stare at ourselves in the mirror. All worth it, but as someone who relies on casual clothes to get through most of the everyday, it’s been a new feeling to flex on other shoppers at the grocery store. But even though I want to wear new outfits, there’s something so tempting and easy about shorts and t-shirt that I have to get over to keep these habits going. Here are some photos from a few of our outdoor escapades, including what’s in our bag- a French grocery tote perfect for the summer (purchased as a three pack on Amazon).

Pastel Picnic (local park):

Top and Levi Jeans: Thrifted
Top: Free People from Marshalls; Shorts: Thrifted
Top: Converse; Bottom: Tretorn J. Crew
Impressively made by Audrey

What’s In My Bag:

Details below
Book: A Wild Swan A modern satirical retelling of classic fairy tales from the library. 
Wallet: Leopards from J. Crew 
Chapstick: Supergoop Lipshield (mint) 
Lip Gloss: Revlon super lustrous THE GLOSS 
Hand Sanitizer: Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray (a must currently)

English Food Picnic (park farther away):

Sunset stop on the way home, full of British pasties and peas. Dress a birthday gift from my best friend!! from UO.
Earrings handmade by my friend, Wildflower West Co. !!

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