Without a doubt, color is one of the biggest staples of our wardrobes. We like it bright, we like it loud, and we like it all over. With that in mind, we’ve decided to start a new segment: Monochrome Monday. 
There’s something special about layering pieces of the same color, on one top of another. And with some luck, we’ll find some cool new looks. 
Please scroll for our first installment of Monochrome Monday. 

Green on Green 8/31:

Audrey kicked off Monochrome Monday with a verdant ensemble fit to rival our favorite green goddess, a bottle of Aloe. Her outfit consists of: 
  1. Green Free People muscle tank 
  2. Green thrifted, corduroy, and pleated BCBG mini skirt purchased from Depop. A perfect nod to Audrey’s favorite fashion era, the early 2000’s. 
  3. Tory Burch sneakers with kelly green accents, purchased on Poshmark. Audrey had the same pair without the green, and wore them all throughout Europe. When they started to look too worn, she was able to find a secondhand pair on Poshmark! Don’t forget to check online thrift stores for pieces you think are no longer available. Sometimes google doesn’t catch it all.  
  4. Styled with a honeydew boba tea, turned green to match (tasted like a melona bar, worth the try)

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