The Skinny Scarf


Some like to call it Spring but I prefer: Skinny Scarf Season. A skinny scarf is like a jean vest, absolutely no warmth provided, simply vibes. The art of the skinny scarf is making a comeback like most 2000s era trends and yet again, we choose to embrace. I believe a skinny scarf can elevate and set the tone for an entire outfit. I found this particular skinny scarf at a thrift store in Laguna beach about two months ago after avidly searching for quite some time. A skinny scarf should be two things: as skinny as Mariah and make you feel like Lizzie McGuire.

I paired the colorful knit skinny scarf with a simple back cashmere sweater and a new pair of thrifted Levi cutoffs that I cut and distressed myself. Then, my favorite tie-up sandals from Madewell and sunglasses from Captain’s Helm.

If you still aren’t convinced to buy or event knit yourself a skinny scarf, here are some iconic skinny scarf moments for inspiration. For all we know, the scarf Taylor left at Maggie Gyllenhall’s house could have been skinny. 

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