The Frugal Wench Urge to Go On Vacation for a Jacket


It’s still January and somehow it feels like I’m running out of time

It was cold for approximately 37 days in a row in San Diego this winter, meaning the temperature stayed below 70 degrees. It’s been six years since our city has been that chilled, but we can count our lucky stars we didn’t come close to the 109-day streak of 1877. Brr. 
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE San Diego weather. If I could have it be summer all year long, I would. But there is something special about a winter wardrobe that has me longing for temperatures far lower than 69. In this year’s case, it’s to wear my wardrobe’s newest prized possession, a LAMARQUE black leather motorcycle jacket with faux fur lining and trim that I bought on the Anthropologie sale rack last spring for $150 marked down from $700. #FrugalWenchingAtItsFinest 
It’s been a long journey to wear this coat since the spring of 2021. Why? Because sub-70 degree weather doesn’t exactly scream fur-lined leather coat to me. So what might my option be other than to go on a vacation to where this jacket might be worn in societal weather-appropriate acceptance? I’m thinking New York would be optimal. Paris? Of course. London? Sign me up. Any single place where it’s cold and I want to look cool? I’m there. 
Mark my words. When it’s safer to travel, I earn some PTO, or I win the lottery, I’ll be out in this coat – stunting and basking in the glory of a deal well had. 
In all honesty, I did snag an opportunity to wear this bad boy this “winter” at an outdoor symphony show. The cool breeze off the bay did inspire a chill. See me pictured above.
P.S. This is not the first time I’ve longed for colder weather since moving back to San Diego specifically for the sake of a cool coat. I’m telling you, there’s nothing like a pandemic to inspire and torture the mind of a wannnabe globe trotter. See exhibit A.

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